La via dei brentatori

From Bologna to Bazzano along the ancient wine road

From Bologna to Bazzano along the ancient wine road 


From Wednesday 26 June the blue bridge over the Reno, inside the Chiusa di Casalecchio Park, will be closed for construction until the end of September.

Consequently, there will be a deviation in the Via dei Brentatori route upon reaching Casalecchio.

After the Church of S. Martino, it will be necessary to continue along Via Porrettana and turn left onto Via Marconi after the bridge. Then take another left onto Via Ronzani and continue along this street to reach the next segment of the signposted route, at the intersection with Via Allende.



   A new route across the Bolognese hills to discover the long journey once made by the Brentatori. About 50 km, from Piazza Maggiore in Bologna to the Rocca in Bazzano, surrounded by stunning nature and numerous historical-artistic sites to admire and rediscover throughout the hike.

About the trail: The ancient Via dei Brentatori dates back to the 13th century and was created so that the Brentatori workers could safely transport wine, which they carried on their backs in containers known as “Brente”. In the summer of 2024, the route was reopened with an expanded path, connecting the past and present of this historical guild.

Total Km :approximately 50 km

Elevation gain: 1521m

Sections: 2

Municipalities crossed: Bologna, Casalecchio di Reno, Monte San Pietro, Zola Predosa e Valsamoggia

Starting point: Piazza Maggiore (Bologna)

End point: Rocca dei Bentivoglio (Bazzano)


 History of the Brentatori

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